remote Workshop


After a successful in-person workshop in 2021, the GLEE team will be hosting a self-guided, asynchronous remote workshop for students to work hands-on with their very own LunaSat!

Teams will be able to work through the same 10 hands-on modules learning about the science sensors onboard and the functionality of the LunaSat.

Requirements & Timeline

Requirements to be Involved:

  • This program is for high school and college students ages 15 and up

  • Must be a group of high school or undergraduate students enrolled at a two- or four-year institution

  • Teams should consist of 4-10 people. Team sizes around 4-6 are recommended. However, all team sizes will be considered.

  • Identify a team lead

  • Identify and commit to having a mentor for the team from your institution (i.e. faculty, professor, etc.)

Remote Workshop Timeline:

  • February 17: Registration application opens

  • April 18: Registration application closes

  • April 22: Teams will be notified if they have been chosen to participate *Teams signed up after April 4th could have some delays

  • September: Start of workshop

This remote event is FREE to all participants.

Welcoming our new gleemers

We welcome hundreds of students representing 22 countries continuing on this journey to the moon with us. We are excited to work with them this coming year as they explore the GLEE kits and engage with their LunaSats.

GLEE Modules

In this remote workshop, we are going to be walking through 10 modules that go through the different capabilities of the LunaSat. The modules that will be presented are listed below.

0. Getting Started

  1. Understanding Your LunaSat

  2. Introduction to Arduino

  3. Solar Panels and Power Management

  4. Temperature Sensor

  5. Accelerometer Sensor

  6. Magnetometer Sensor

  7. Capacitive Sensor

  8. Thermopile Sensor

  9. Radio Frequency System

  10. Final Simulation Testing

LunaSat V5.WRM

LunaSat kit

Each participating team will receive a LunaSat kit with all the required materials including:

  • 2 LunaSats

  • 2 FTDI chips

  • Connection Wires

  • USB Cables

  • All Activity Materials


Though applications are closed, check out how to get involved in GLEE in other ways!