Not just a STEM outreach project, GLEE aims to mix space science, technology demonstrations, and hands-on activities for students around the globe.


GLEE is a science and technology mission to the surface of the Moon conducted by students from all over the world. How will you contribute?

Local: Each student team will design a science mission local to their LunaSat that is based on their interests and the expertise of their team and supporting community. Each team will utilize the sensor suite onboard the LunaSat to conduct science that will help complete their science mission.

Distributed: Each LunaSat will be used in different groupings to perform larger-scale and distributed science beyond the individual team's local mission.


Initially, a team at Cornell, headed by then-grad-student Hunter Adams, developed a tiny spacecraft called ChipSat in an attempt to drastically cut down the costs of spaceflight and exploration in Low Earth Orbit. With our goal to expand to the Moon, LunaSats are based on ChipSats and will evolve to reflect GLEE's mission to the lunar surface.

LunaSats will collect temperature, magnetic field, and inertial measurements. More data can be taken depending on the local and distributed science missions that each team decides to pursue. The mission life for each LunaSat on the Moon is expected to be two lunar days or approximately 56 Earth days.

All selected teams involved with GLEE will receive a base version of the LunaSat provided to the team by the GLEE Team. They will be able to add code to the LunaSats for the onboard sensors allowing them to carry out their own lunar science mission.

Communications & Public Outreach

The Comms mission is to bring STEM education opportunities to anyone interested in learning. As a team, we have developed 10 hands-on modules to teach teams about sensors, power management, RF communication, and much more. To make this information accessible to everyone, we created material to appeal to many levels of experience. The base modules are written for anyone to understand without the need for prior knowledge. However, if teams want to get more technical with their LunaSats, additional materials are supplied. This is the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone, so we want to ensure everyone is included.

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