This project has been the hard work of the National Space Grant Consortia and a myriad of other individuals donating their time and effort for the sake of global collaboration and science.

Lead organizations

New York Space Grant Consortium is a key partner on the GLEE mission to put 500 LunaSats on the surface of the moon
This project was developed and created by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.
Chris Koehler, Director of Colorado Space Grant, teaches the Pathway to Space class at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Staff & Faculty

COSGC is joined by Space Grant teams from across the country in the development of our mission.

COSGC student staff members hard at work on the GLEE project


GLEE is supported by a group of CU Boulder students from a variety of backgrounds. A love of space is the only pre-req!

Students involved with one of COSGC's numerous outreach and teaching events.


How will you join us for this expedition?